Facebook Home – Download, Install and Drawbacks

Jun 30, 13 Facebook Home – Download, Install and Drawbacks

Facebook Home is a mobile app that was introduced by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, whose intention was to reinvent how smartphone users interacted with their phones. Facebook Home is the company’s first foray in creating a presence in the smartphone industry and staying connected with their burgeoning user base as they interchange between accessing Facebook via computers and through mobile phones. The app changes a phone’s home screen into a Facebook Cover Feed and also provide messenger and chat options to users.

Downloading Facebook Home App

The download process for the Home app is not complex, as it was downloaded half a million times in its first weeks after release. Some users have however struggled to access the app. Since the app was built exclusively for the Android platform, the app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store. Another way to get the app would be to go on the Google search engine and search for the app.

Installing Facebook Home App

After finding and downloading the app, installation also proved to be difficult for some users. Some issues arise because the app is designed to work on Android platform version 4.0 thereby meaning that the app will not function on versions such as Froyo and Gingerbread. New phones may block the installation of Facebook Home depending on the location. Nevertheless, the security settings can be changed to allow the installation from sources other than the Google Play Store. Other sources provide the APK files required to install Facebook Home and software such as ASTRO File Manager can aid in installing those files from RAR archives.

According to redmondpie.com, the Home app is an “alternative launcher that brings the most integrated social networking experience to Android, much more than any other platform”. However, despite all this praise, the app has a couple of drawbacks.

Drawback of Facebook Home App

One of the major issues with the Home app is that it is only available on Android devices. It is therefore missing from Apple’s iOS devices, which is the second largest market after Android. Failing to integrate Apple devices has dented Facebook’s image of seeking to provide social integration and networking as many Facebook users cannot interact with their friends that use iPhone with this app and therefore have to revert to the pre-installed Facebook apps on their devices.

The second issue is that older versions of Android are not able to use this application despite the fact it was designed for Android devices. In a way, it pushes users who want to use the app to purchase new phones – that they probably don’t need – in order to enjoy the benefits of the app. Users have to delete or get root access for their phones in order to remove already installed Facebook apps as the Home app is incompatible with them. The last drawback of the app is the privacy and dependency issues.


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